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I am not getting and clicks and orders

Hello, I am a new seller. I have created all the 7 gigs 3 days ago but not getting clicks and or any order.
Help, please.


Some people are here for months and years with no order. Patience is the key. And constant education and expanding your skills.

thank you for your valuable advice

Just so you know, there are at least 12.000 services available in Wordpress category with 0 (zero) sales.

All those 12.000 Gigs are waiting for their first order…

Good luck!


@blavaro I follow your statistics but they are being linked all over so I lost track, did you made one for number of gigs in each category with zero sales?

Nope, I did not, it’s too much work.:slight_smile:

Those 12.000 Wordpress is estimation based on newest arrivals only. The number will be much higher in fact.

“Logo design”, Wordpress and Photoshop editing are the categories with least skillset needed to somehow succeed on Fiverr so it still attracts new users to offer these services.

I mean surf the web or use maker by “Logo design” of course.

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