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I am not getting any click

When i was new on fiverr. I was getting much impressions and clicker. About 10 clicks per day. But in last 3 weeks I got only 1 click. Plz check my all gigs, inform me if you will see any mistake.


I do understand that you are not getting clicks nor views and last year I do remember I didn’t get any order for straight three months and it’s really frustrating.
Think like this in Fiverr there are many sellers so each and every seller have to have a chance to rise right.
So according to the Fiverr they are just circulating gigs into front page and again to last page and so and so forth.
My advice is to don’t isolate into a one skill in Fiverr while Fiverr is changing the position of your gig you can learn a new skill something that sellers offer in Fiverr but very rare.

YouTube is a great platform to learn such task but I know it’s easy say hard to do.
But if you can do that great things will come to your end.

I am getting about 500 impressions per week but 0 click. Is this not a bug?

you need to keyword research good at all