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I am not getting any Impressions on my Gig, Can somebody tell me if this is normal for New Sellers?


I am new to This marketplace Fiverr. I have created a Gig but I am not getting ANY Impressions. I mean I should have had 5 to 10 Impressions at least.
Somebody, please tell me if this is Normal with New Sellers.
How can I Improve?

I’m new too and I have impressions, but I don’t have any orders yet, so I don’t think its so important

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Getting Impressions is Important, that way you get to know your Gig is being Viewed and Visited, Which eventually gets you orders.

Yes this is normal with new sellers and you need to stay online and send buyer requests !

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Don’t have ANY Buyer Requests at the moment.

you need to stay online !


Share you gig your sosilal

No it doesn’t. An impression doesn’t mean someone has viewed your gig. It means your gig appeared in search results and someone saw it.

Don’t confuse impressions with views.

Fiverr explains how all this works and there are hundreds of forum posts about how impressions. Please read them.

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