I am not getting any offer from the buyers request page


Hello everyone,

i do not get offers on my buyers request page and if i do get it will be either 1 or 2, what seem to be the problem?


There could be several reasons, but from what I see these seems to be the problem:

  1. Is the woman in the avatar image really you?
  2. The description for your website design gig seems a bit confusing.
    Sorry if I’m missing something, but what does
    "if you don’t bonk which package is paw for you, then contact me"
    “if you don’t bed which bundle is sect for you, then communicate me” mean??


yes thats me on my profile,


I am having doubts because I see the same woman in iStock etc, it’s all over the net…
If the woman is really you that’s fine, but if not, that’s enough for a lot of buyers to avoid you.