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I am not getting any offers

Its been a month or so i have created my account on fiverr but i am not getting any offers.

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You will find plenty of tips here, like stay online as much as you can, update your gigs, send buyer request daily etc.

but to keep you motivated, here’s my short story.
I used to work on fiverr in Jan 2018 (start), after 3 months (March 2018) I became a level 1 seller, then I deactivated my profile (turned on the out of office mode). After two months in June 2018, I activated my profile once again and guess what it took me 1 complete year to land my first order, in June 2019.

So, the thing is, you have to keep moving forward, if you can’t run, then walk. if you can’t walk then crawl but keep trying.