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I am not getting any order and I did everything

Hello guys so I just decided to become a seller on fiverr. I created 6 gigs. Ive created a verry complex description about the services that I am offering with a good structure .Ive added images a solid Portofolio with previous work so the clients should get an ideea about how the finished product will look like and what they are getting for the money . I also did some resonable Pricing including packages compared to the competiotion in the same niche wich in my case is home interior designs with realistic renders furniture and all of that.
I created my Gigs 2 Weeks Ago and Today statistics are : Impressions 186
Views 154
Clicks 124
Judging by this my gigs are doing verry well but its seems almost impossible to get my first order
In the meanwhile I also Passed the Basic Englis Test with a 8.0 Score and I also recieved my First Badge from Fiverr Learn Online Freelancing Essential

EDIT: I forgot to say I also used buyer request and sent about 40 offers but only 2 guys contacted me asking questions and then saying they will contact me later for ordering but I guess they found someone else

Please If anyone experienced from the community can take a look and help me I dont know what elese should I do .
Any advices and any tips are welcome
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


You can use buyer request section also share your gigs to social media , may be that will help @dariusmarcu

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But thank you for the advice Blessings :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Hello @dariusmarcu

I m checking your profile. It looks nice and clear. On first look, what i could use to change on your GIGs are description. Try to BOLD some important parts, and try to use more SEO for your GIGs. Find which word potential clients research the most related to your skills. USe that word for Title, description and tags in GIG.

Also, try to write unique and different text for GIGs. I saw that you have almost same text on 2 different GIGs.

VIdeo presentation - For example, record video how you draw interior example. That will help a lot and give more trust for potential client.

And excellent for English test… But also try to do test which is related to your Skills.

When you have that big number of clicks and you don’t have to much conversation and don’t have orders… Well you need to change something. Use to “play” with all, try to find the best option. and be patient, a lot :slight_smile:


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thanks a lot amazing guy :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome at any time :slight_smile:

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If everything all right, you don’t have to worry. Also, if your category is very common & high competition then it is always difficult to get orders. :slight_smile: :+1:

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For me you can add a video to introduce yourself!
It will be so much helpful…


hello, dariusmarcu,

take a passion on fiverr , many freelancer waited 3 to 6 months for their first ORDER,
you can send buyer request, marketing your gig, mostly online on fiverr. the chance of order increase.


thank you for the advice