I am not getting any order from last month


Hi Friends,

I am offering my services as a virtual assistant, WordPress developer but from last month I am not getting any orders I am sending offers to buyer requests regularly, also sharing my gig in facebook groups and I want you to help me recognize the people who are the best for my these services.

Muhammad Usama


You need to put tags. I have visited your profile, and there need some changes in the description of gigs.


Your starting price for logo designing gig is super high as compared to other sellers offering same service in $5, having 1000’s of reviews.Why anyone will hire you then?


Thanks I will review this and update the information


Hi Usama.
Firstly, you need to add tags so you’re easy to find. Then, even if some buyer find you, they can’t cope with your high prices. So I suggest lower them a bit till you make great success.
Then there need to be done some editing for your gigs. Like in your wordpress gig, your basic package is of 235$. Now the question is, what will I get for 235$? “A fully working website”? What will be on that website? You didn’t mention. Even if we read Gig description, it still can’t clarify it and yet you write “It’s only one task per gig”. Means if I want top remove a plugin, I have to pay you 235$ for it?
I hope you get my point. You’ll make great success if you got skills but you just need to enhance communication. “Sell your gigs yourself”.