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I am not getting any order since last two weeks. Plz help!

Its been two weeks since I posted my gig. I thought it would not take more than a week, but its been two weeks, and I still have not got ANY order. Plz tell me that is there any way I can boost this up. Plz help!!!

There are lots of other sellers(including me) with whiteboard animation gigs. What makes your gig stand out? Why should buyers want to buy from you?

Your whiteboard animation is fine but your voice-over seems like it’s done using a text-to-speech software which does not provide a good quality.

Well you both are using software to mimic whiteboard. A new marketer won’t easily go for whiteboard style and experienced will make out that it’s real so you will always lack sales.
You guy may try selling motion graphic or stop motion videos. No matter how small is the amount, everyone expects quality.

Hope it helps.