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I am not getting any orders and can't reply from the buyer request can any expert help me..?


Anyone plz help me…I am on fiverr till sep 2017 but for my personal problem I leave Fiverr for a few months but Now I am active and want to be professional I sent buyer request but yet I am not getting any reply from buyer. whats the problem on my account…? my profile


Copy one of your offers here and let’s have a look.


I Will Design 3 Premium Logo In 24 Hours


You’re replying to buyer requests with this sentence? That’s it?


No. Do you want to see what I am sending them for buyer request…?


Well yes :slight_smile:
That’s what I asked.


This is a sample what I am offering.“Hi, I saw your job description. I have 4-year experience in this work. can I help you? please call me an interview.I am ready. please response.I am waiting for your response. regards Afan”


are you online


He’s a tough guy, but he is probably collapsed. Give him a few minutes to recover.


Stating the obvious? :slight_smile:
Instead try to summarize what the job is about to show you’ve actually understood it.

What kind of experience? Samples?

Are you asking or telling?
Explain what you can do for the customer.

Pay attention to grammar.
Ask a relevant question about the job. Something that shows you’ve understood the request, but you need further details to discuss the project scope.

Don’t beg.
Try something like “Let me know if you have any questions about my offer or if you’d like to see samples of my previous work”.


if your portfolio is GOOD enough, you can only write confidently “I will do that with pleasure!” and the job is yours. If your portfolio however isn’t that good, whatever you write, it won’t change the situation to your favour! (for smaller projects of course)


:smiley: Have you ever hired a logo designer like that?
Any designer that spends less than 5 seconds to respond isn’t worth clicking :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if they are talented it would be a nightmare to work with them.


thank you,#uxreview sir, for your valuable are so helpful.


I have! I was tired of reading the same long stories! I was only checking their portfolio out. He could still mess that up with his communication though when I wrote to him!

Don’t tell me you would hire someone with a sloppy portfolio even though his/her response is fine! :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course not, but as soon as I see a template response or a one-liner I hit the remove button. I won’t even look at their portfolio. If a seller can’t be bothered to write more than a sentence, then I doubt they will put any real effort into designing my logo :slight_smile:

If you hired someone based on a single sentence out of desperation then that’s fine, but when you give advice here you need to think what actually works most of the time.


can both of you tell me what modification of my profile would be better for impress buyers?That will help me.


We can agree on the importance of being confident, can’t we?
At least to me, one sentence, it was totally different from the try hards, with eye-catching portfolio was enough to give a chance!


Sure. Although I evaluate confidence through what they say not what they don’t say :wink:
Anyway, not trying to derail this thread.

Newbies, read the buyer request, respond in a way that shows you’ve understood it, make a value based offer and for the love of god us a spell checker.


hello sir,
I carefully read and I understand it what you need.I have 4-year
experience in logo designing.I can make your logo very professional way and unique style.
I will do that with pleasure.Do you have any sample/imagination about your logo…?
Let me know if you have any questions about my offer.

warm regards,

Is it ok or need more modification…?I will be happy to see your advice:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Why are you rolling your eyes at uxreview? He’s only trying to help you!

In my opinion, it’s less helpful to say “I carefully read and understand what you need” than state directly how you’ll help them. Say something that addresses the message itself. Stating that you read it doesn’t tell them anything about whether or not you actually did, but if you can tell them how your skills match up with their project, then it will be useful.

Aka: ditch the template, tailor each response to the specific buyer request.