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I am Not Getting Any Orders Please Help


Hello Please Help Me I am Not Getting Any Orders… Please Reply me


Use buyer requests to get your first few orders.

Your gigs and profile say that you’re a digital marketing expert - why not use those skills to drive traffic to your gigs? :slightly_smiling_face:


You are right “offlinehelpers”. Please use your skill and prove you are perfect. :grinning:


I am daily Optimize My Gigs But i am not getting any orders


Try to be unique do not copy paste or right those that everyone says try to be new unique and briefly describe what services you will be providing


One of your gigs is ‘I Will Drive Your Website To Targeted Location And Boost Traffic’ - surely you could do that for your gigs?

I do videos - if I need more traffic I create a video to send traffic to relevant pages. Can you do something similar?


Yes Obviously i Can Do… Thats Why i am created This Gig… Yes


Good! So you can do it for your own gigs to get more traffic and sales. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha ha very Funny … i am getting more traffic … but no orders


Sorry - I wasn’t actually trying to be funny - never mind. :roll_eyes:


Its… Okay friend :wink:


I’ve no order last one month. I don’t know why:joy::joy::disappointed_relieved:


improve your gigs photos and photos should be in high resolution and unique different from others and improve description of you gigs and donot copy others description it should put a bad impression on you account and must use 10 buyer request on daily basis.thanks