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I am not getting any orders, what do I do?

Alright, well first of all, I just want to say that I read topics on this forum to find tips on how to improve my gig. So I did that, I also posted a few topics so that others would check out my gig and tell me what else can I improve and how it looks. Usually the description was the problem because it was to short or it needed some organizing. I fixed that now, well I think so at least. I am getting impressions, views, clicks but no orders. I feel helpless because I dont know what else to do now, oh and yeah, I am online on Fiverr pretty much all day, and I sent one buyer request that I got, but if I am not at least a level 1 seller, there will usually not be any buyer requests.

First gig:
Second gig:


don’t be hopeless man :slight_smile:
hang tight you will find your job. try to use buyer request option

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Hi, keep on bidding for jobs in the buyers requests and one day you will find your luck.

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The thing is that you also need to have a very professional looking images especially in logo design area where are you competing with a lot of mature sellers with years of experience.

I see that you are still in a high school and still learning. You are moving the right direction, I can tell from your examples and start having “your style” but you still need to work more on the “professionalism” of the look of your logo.

It’s still quite visible that you are just lacking the experience in this field. So my advise will be:

  1. take more courses
  2. start following designing channels, podcasts, groups etc where other designers discuss current and upcoming trends in design.
  3. Try to create a few logos just for fun, just for yourself with your idea to try to develop your style and learn better techniques. All this comes with practice and you need to practice more.

You don’t need to wait for fiverr orders to come through for you to practice, start doing it by yourself, start creating and pushing yourself to the limits to become better and better and you’ll see that clients will find you.


Wow, than you for you feedback!
I am making a lot of designs just for fun, that is how the sticker designs gig came to life, it was not in plan actually. Also I am doing the daily logo challenge where I get a challenge everday and I have to make it, then I am even making a business with my a bit older friend so I made a logo for that and some designs for the products we need.
Thanks again! :smile:

Alright, well the thing is that I dont get any buyer requests since I am level 0 seller or whatever it is tho. :grinning:

Also, my gig that is 2 days old, the one with the sticker designs yesterday had 2 impressions, and it just got 400+ and it is performing way better than my other gig now.
That is a lot, for me at least :smile: