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I am not getting any orders

I am not getting any orders. I am a hardworking guy but I am not getting any response. My Gigs are

Can anyone tell me why is it so, am getting disappointed as I am a student and have to work for my University fee. Please tell me why am not getting orders.

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Can be a number of factors

  1. your gigs arent in demand.
  2. unclear information about the gigs.
  3. people have trouble finding you ( aka ) taggs/keywords for your gigs.

    Hope this is of some help.

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I have some interesting and awesome gigs…

can you please review them ? I can use some good reviews…and I can give you reviews in return which will boost your ratings as well…

Thank You !!!

You’ll get a better response and support by posting in the correct forums. My Fiverr Gigs is for self promo, not questions. FAQ is for questions.

Also, you should review the Tips for Sellers forum:

Thanks for replying… but i dont think so that my gigs aren’t in demand… the gigs am offering are trending… anyways thanks for your support…