I am not getting any sell please help me


After completing my 150+ orders since one month I am not getting any orders. I am trying many thing like doing social bookmarking, sharing gig on social media and many more but I am not getting any result.
In this case please someone give me some suggesting how can I get sell.

thank you in advance.


Buyers requests is a great place to start getting in touch with buyers again. I’d start there if I were you.


you right homeestates use your buyer request sections and promote your gigs on social media


Buyer request is best


You are a level 2 seller and you are complaining? One thing you need to know in any business is that at a time it goes up today and comes down tomorrow and does the same over time. Be courageous and start promoting your gig on social media, every forum with tags on facebook,twitter,snapchat, instagram that might need your services and lot more can be done is just how well can you promote yourself is the question .


I think Buyer Requests is a good option to apply for new projects. You said you have completed 150+ projects and if there are not too many negative feedbacks or reviews then I don’t think you have to wait longer. Stay tuned and keep applying for new projects.Hopefully, you will get new orders soon.Best of luck!



you have 5 reviews in previous month,if you are not getting ANY order, how you are getting reviews?


Hope prices are not on the high side.


Can you help me do something,Today I careless paused my gigs,How active my gigs?


please how do i get to see the “buyers requests” u speak of


Login first… point cursor on username, click ‘Selling’ and then click on “buyers requests”, that’s it : )


pls repeat what you did before more passionately and the buyers will come your way,thanks


I just feel sometimes fiverr just pauses my orders


Follow these steps and you will definitely get sales.

  1. Stay Active most of time or install auto Refresh chrome extension
  2. Must visit and send Buyer request daily
  3. Update your gig description and Images
  4. Check or update your tags
  5. Share your gigs on Facebook,twitter and g+ with # tags


go to selling then go to buyer requests