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I am not getting anyone interested in my gig

Hello, I just started using Fiverr a few days ago but im not getting any offers or messages At All. This is making me very upset and I don’t understand why. This is my gig:

I specialize in illusration of childrens boos and character design. I have also linked my portfolio. Could anyone tell me why this is happening?

Hello Mireia, I took a look at your gig and it all seems fine :slight_smile: I tried searching for your Gig and it doesnt appear at the top unfortunately. Look at your competitors who have good reviews and look how they did it. Also use a Gig video explaining what you do " Videos can increase user engagement by 40%.". Create also more Gigs if possible, that will increase the chances of orders too! And after all you have to be patient some people only receive orders after months others after days. Send offers to buyers requests too you can send up to 10 daily.

Hope this all helps a little :slight_smile: and dont be upset!

saludos desde Alemania :wink: