I am not getting buyer requests on my account


For a long time I am facing this problem. only 3 - 10 buyer requests appears mostly here. It’s Not fair


Hello! This is a site-wide problem you are not the only one experiencing this!

My buyer requests page is also not refreshing. It should be working soon, they usually fix things ASAP


Hi katabelle. Thank you to aware me it’s really kind. I was worrying about that.


Yep, no BR refresh today…hopefully, soon enough

Funny enough, I decided to post a request for something today, rather than search through, yet the request was denied. Reason: It violated our ToS. Really? Seems that’s how every BR post has been denied today. Talk of frustrating!


your voice is sweet :blush:


@rainny_writer Same! I posted a request under music composition and it was declined! All I asked for was someone to help compose a melody…and thats against ToS??


I guess that explains the lack of requests today in BR!


“Buyer’s Request” section is currently undergoing maintenance.