,i am not getting buyers request!


i didn’t get order even though accepted many buyer request still i didn’t get orders


I think you meant that you submitted (not accepted) offers to buyers’ requests.

The reason why the buyers haven’t accepted your offers/proposals can be anything, from them not being interested (or maybe the way you worded it put them off), or they’ve found someone else who provides something more or something better, cheaper offers, etc.

Keep in mind that many buyers submit offers to the same buyer request, and a buyer could have a hard time going through tenths of offers to assess each one of them. You are basically competing with other sellers for the same buyer.

You’ll have to keep on trying until a buyer accepts your offer. In the meantime, search the forum for buyer requests tips to see how you can word & present your offers.


For me…

I think fiverr is going slow not like the old days
i noticed now, few buyers are posting a request not like the old day
whenever I refresh the site request are full… now… like 10, 5, 2,

this is because of the unnecessary update. bling bling updates that is unnecessary.:triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


struggle many many then you get orders


I do not agree, I see 38 new requests today! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here. No buyer requests


More info about BR etc.

I don’t bother about them really, but I can only see 1 at the moment. It depends which category your gigs are in, what level you are etc. - so many different criteria! :wink:


It is not easy to get first order.

Here are few tips which I used to get my first order:

  • Keep price low at starting
  • Promote your gig through social media
  • Send buyer request regular
  • Live online as much as you can

I hope it will work for you.