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I am not getting clicks

I created a gig about 3 days ago and I am not getting clicks. Impressions are also getting down. Here is my gig please check this out and inform me if you see any mistake.


GIG marketing is the best way to achieve impression and clicks .


You can add multiple trending keywords in your gig title and create SEO optimize gig :grinning:

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I have already viewed your gig. I notice that your gig images are not attractive. It should be submitted with a good looking mockup. It wasn’t your problem though. It is my own opinion. Anyway, Firstly you should check that Whether your gig is active! If the gig is active. Then you can change your gig thumbnail with gig share on social media. I hope you will be gain in very soon. best of luck!


Okay thanks.
I am facing another problem. I am online on fiverr through PC but my gig is not showing in online section and can’t see the green dot on profile also.

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share your gig in social media and try to active in fiverr

Should I exchange clicks and favs? Is this helpful?
And I am active on Fiverr but my gig is not showing in the online section.

Yes, I notice that, when I am viewing your profile, then your activity status was offline. Anyway, now you can go to your Fiverr profile setting and follow the attachment. select the “GO ONLINE” option and then save changes

But I am online. Isn’t it?

Make the thumbnail attractive. Something professional but noticeable among all other’s gigs.

Use a clean and professional profile picture with simple background.

Thank You…

Yes, You are right. Now what is your account status? Online or offline?

Maybe this post will help: