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I am not getting enough order after level 1

I am very confused about my fiverr account, I randomly get some order after opening fiverr account. After getting level 1 badge i did not get enough order except some previous client. I have contacted several times about the issue and they assure me there is no problem in your account. But i am little bit confused why i am not getting order from new client. Today i told my friend about my problem and tried to send me message but he cannot, it says “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly”

Can you please tell me the solution?

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Hi, I too am facing the same problem. Got my level one badge 19 days ago and couldn’t get any order after that. I guess we need to keep sending on buyer requests and hope for the best.

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My problem is different, try to send me a message in inbox then you will understand my problem.

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Im having the same problem almost for two months

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Im also having same problem. For me it’s been 1 month I got level 1 batch and now I am not getting orders now.
What to do?


I have some advice for you guys. Pretty much, the more volume of sales you have and the greater your rating is, fiverr will do what they can in order to promote you because they aim to market the best services in each category.

I recommend you going to your username > selling > manage requests. With this, you can see people who are asking for the services that YOU already provide! I will answer these as much as possible in order to get some sales coming in.

For me personally, one thing I did was offer a 24hr delivery time on all of my GIGs until I hit level 2 seller. If you want the reward, you have to put the work in.

Not only that, but this strategy has gotten me on the fiverr homepage two times! And the turnout was amazing. I could barely keep up with the orders lol.

Hope this helps.


you need to promote your gig outside fiverr social media websites and blogs
if you need to order you need to work hard fiverr level doesn’t drive traffic your gig

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Can you please try to send me a message? Then you will understand about my problem.

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Because you do not have traffic from fiverr.

You have to make a lot of gigs, and began to promote out through facebook groups or any instrument, pliers important in promoting your gigs.

Or you just daydreaming 1 million dollars in your account

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I have seen your problem yes we can’t send you message for privacy reason error.
You contact customer support with your error screenshot


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Hello, I’m dealing with the same situation.
It’s pretty hard to now have any order for weeks and maybe sometimes for months and honestly I don’t know if there is a solution for that, but I guess keep promoting your gigs and send offers for buyers request.

I hope all the best to you!
Thank you.

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Thank you Dana, if i promote and somebody will try to order but he cannot order my gigs for privacy reason. After all i do not have any benefit.


I suggest you report the issue to Fiverr customer care and however go to your inbox and click on Report, then it will Un-report itself, i am sure that is where the problem is coming from.Go to your inbox and look carefully at your Report button you will see the it is on report, anyone who is on Report mode cannot send messages to you and you cannot receive messages either, i hope that helps!! Thanks!