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I am not getting enough requests

Hello there. I hope you are all fine.
I am facing some difficulties so I wonder if any of you has some advices for me. I believe I am not getting enough jobs from fiver. I have been in this website for almost 4 months and I have only won less than 200 dollars. I have failed only once in my orders and everything else has been perfect. I have done my best. But still seems very hard for me to even get requests or people asking for my service. I dont know what to do.


I’m also a new member on fiverr but i had lots of experience
the only thing that is keep waiting if the God will you might get more orders
All people make mistake but the person who works hard always get success
Keep trying never give up one day you’ll definitely getting lots of orders that helps you to make rich
Keep praying for me also.

Sometimes getting order on Fiverr can just stop but it doesn’t mean something is wrong.

It’s best to be patient and wait. in the meantime, post to the forum and contribute to the community. I got requests after posting a couple times. But other than that, just wait. The first few sales are the hardest :wink:

Thankyou… And Congratulations :heart_eyes:
Hoping for the best now :blush:

Thankyou for your advice. :blush::blush::blush:

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Don’t worry!
Now take Fiverr as your asset. Never think to give up. As your assets get old, their value gets up. By time, your asset will return you more.
You just take care to keep it logged in.

Hi @maitasun, @evie_writings wants some valued advice. I am sure you can give her good tips.

One observation about your main writing gig - your description is 2 lines!

“I will do all the needed research to write content or do a project around any topic. Feel free to contact me, we will have a full conversation around details of the project.”

As a writer, your gig description is your opportunity to shine and show any potential buyers what you’re capable of. I don’t think you’re making the most of your opportunity here!

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Thank you very much.

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Let we talk with each other on project topic please?

Thank You sir please check my gig and inform me what kind of stuff i need anymore.

No - your ‘project topic’ was sending us a message in our actual Fiverr account saying “please guide me how I can get orders”

This is spam, and very clearly against Fiverr’s TOS. I seriously hope you haven’t done this to any other sellers.

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Thanks to quide me i have no idea about that

I would recommend you go and read the Terms of Service, as you’ve already broken them, and risk having your account shut down if you break TOS. Not to mention, you confirmed you’d read them when you signed up for your account.

please quide me
can i inbox to other for some chat is it allowed or not?

Read the Terms of Service. All the answers about what you can and cannot do are in there.

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and please tell me what is TOS

ok i’ll read all of them

Yes, such practice is against Fiverr TOS and Community Guidelines as well.
Dear, @muhammadbila503 please go through

thanks of you brother