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I am not getting my first order from fiverr, Why?


Could someone help please I am not getting my first order. I don’t know if its the price or the ads, But i am getting zero order I have 76 views and 36 clicks. What should I do?


its always took time brother, keep spreading your gigs link on your social media channel


You need to complete your profile description. Check other seller’s profiles to see how this is done but do not copy them.


I like your gig. Very detailed description especially the FAQs part. I am sure you will get your first order soon. However, you have to finish your profile first. Fill in the profile description and use it to market your skills e.g "I am an expert web designer with 10 years experience blah blah blah… "

I think it would also be a good idea to create 2 more gigs related to the first gig. E.g, you could create a gig for website migration, domain name registration, SEO etc. This will give your gig viewers more variety.


Your GIG is displayed in a wonderful manner but before buying gig, a buyer will be more interested in you as a person and see if you’re reliable or not. Complete your profile with correct and authentic information. It’s the first step to make your name in the market.