I am not getting order after level 1


I have got level 1 within 1 month and i was very excited to get more order in level 1. 18 days over i did not get single order in level 1 account. When i have got level 1 it showed a bug problem in my fiverr account, it was showing other seller messages in my inbox and it was fixed after complaining customer service. After that my my order is totally OFF. Can you please help me how can i get order?


Contact support agn and ask them to review if things are fine with your account.


My problem also same


Actually that inbox thing you are talking about happened to every seller(or most) on that day. So, it wouldn’t hurt you alone. But it’s a good choice to contact CS if you think there is a problem.


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I still receive at least 1 order within 5 days of facebook groups.

I share 250 links per day on facebook


@backlinks_index : did you share 250 links per day? and you don’t get banned?


Hi, Can you please share some popular and best pages, community or forum’s names ?


I share with our advanced tools


I stayed very long in facebook. And know every algorithm facebook.
Facebook will not block my account, but there is a requirement in it, such as share helpful links