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I am not getting order for 3 months


I am not getting orders for 3 months. can someone help me in improving my gigs?

Thank you


What have you done during these 3 months to improve your gigs?


I did the following things

  • Continuously changed tags after a few days
  • changed gig description part
  • and updated images
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Don’t mess around with your tags so often.

Your profile text needs some serious proofreading, while your gig description is almost OK for a non-native. Always write your own content, but hire someone to proofread it if needed and if you don’t understand the task then partner up with someone. Your clients have mentioned that you don’t always understand their tasks.

Where are your marketing efforts? If you don’t know how to bring potential buyers to your site then hire someone to help you with this :wink:



I can not afford right now.

Regarding the other suggestion, I will look into these.

Thank you

Sis…share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you

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Don’t let that stop you. Good sellers can find ways to market their gigs with little to no cost. Don’t make excuses. Marketing and promotion, if done persistently and seriously, WILL bring in more customers.

The only person stopping you from being successful is you.

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Thank you, sir, I am working on it.

Promote your gig
On every social network

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Thank you :slight_smile: