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I am not getting order nowadays though I am first level seller

Hello, experts
I am not getting order nowadays though I am first level seller. I used to get instant reply but its been long I am not getting any response from buyers. I might be missing something but I am not able to figure out by my self.

Requested to advice me
Thanks :slight_smile:


Completed Level 1 seller requirements but still not receiving orders from new customers. Only getting sales from old clients?
Also, the main gig is also dropped… :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t know why? :roll_eyes:


Same here brother only getting from old customers. What to do now ?


I think, After complete a job/project/order fiverr want to know from client about seller. It’s a personal or Private Feedback. I think there are the problem.


Oh! is this happens internally with customer and fiverr? Though I am getting 5 star and huge appreciations from them as well.

But, there are a Private Review from Fiverr. It’s depends on your profile.

same problem face many seller and now days work so much less that another month

Same here guys. Level one seller but no new customers.

Yes exactly there are less work then earlier. What is the solution: experts

that is the solution then ? same here

Only solution is to promote the gig and buyer request. But usually we all do that. But no luck some times brother.

@terabi you are right

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last one month here there are no order available on my account, so now i’m very disappointed

I don’t think, not even sure this happens, even it happens why your customer will give you a positive feedback publically and negative privately to Fiverr?

I don’t think they cheat on us

same here very disappointed :frowning: . It;s hard to survive :frowning:

Sometimes that happens. If you have an enemy, he or she can do that.

But all the clients are from foreign who could be our enemy.

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