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I am not getting order on fiver


help me

i am not geeting any order on fiverr till yet

have a look on my profile and help me see what is thr problem


help guys


If you look in the Tips for Sellers section (marked blue on the right) there’s a lot of tips on how to improve sales - ranging from making a better quality gig, adding videos, making sure you’re clear and inviting in the Gig.

You can check those threads out for lots of tips, otherwise we’d have to copy-paste it in here everytime someone asked that question and it’d be messy.


Hey! Check Your Fiverr Conversations!


thanks zikomoh


Be patience


try to change your profile intro : “Here i am on fiverr to earn an income using my skils to foot my college expenses. I look forward to have wonderful experience here” make it more professional. but your gigs are very interesting :wink:

if you need more help, contact me .


So Nisha Agarwal selling on Fiverr now? :open_mouth:



today i have joined Fiverr.


Jai Sat Chit Anand


help me


ashleycyrus said: help me
People have already offered you advice and direction. No one is going to hold your hand. Start reading through the Tips for Seller and Fiverr FAQ forums and take advantage of the wealth of information that is already written for your benefit.