I am not getting order!


I have completed two orders with five star rating but now I am not getting orders !
why? :frowning_face:


don’t lose hope … send buyer request daily and make gig pictures more attractive. and offer something different like no ones gives…


but am not getting order :slightly_smiling_face::sweat:


I send 13 buyers request with low price but no one interested me… please help me…


okay i will follow your advise.
Thanks :slight_smile: @designernoor


fiver is a multi national platform… so keep working and don’t be upset order will come to you at the right time. just make your gigs attractive share your gigs on social media too.


Orders do not come walking to you. You need to do something. Online business is very similar to offline business. Until and unless you tell people about the cloth shop you opened, how will people know that you own one? And buyers get lots of replies from sellers, I too have send buyers requests but only one of them contacted only to give me details of the project and not buy a gig. Be patient and read forum topics. Bring people from outside fiverr to your gig(but do not spam). I too were in a position like you, sitting with two orders and then nothing. Luckily, a buyer contacted me and ordered my gig two days ago.


thanku so muxh but i dont lose hope … :blush::blush:


Hi,when I started on fiverr last year.i had send out near about 300 BR without gotten a single order through it.but I just completed my 250th orders on fiverr.so thing is that have patient and do marketing of yours gigs and as well as profile on social media .


okay Thanks :slight_smile: @ocean7media


More over u should have some professional user name.bcaz fiverr is international market.so pplz from other part of world don’t know about ours names.how to pronounce.so they hesitate to contact us.so it’s better to have some professional user names.


but we can not change the username?! :frowning_face:


Be patient Friend ! Keep good works and decrease the prices it may be helpful


Hi @syedanoor04 :star_struck:
Share your gig everyday in social media The most effective social media that help you get orders is twitter. You can then apply for different jobs available in your field. If you see an ad you like, click “Send Offer” and sell yourself to the buyer. Don’t give up hope. Better days will come soon. Try heart and soul. Wish you all the best.


I hope more people read this, in order to understand what it take


I sent 50 and got two order, i created my gig 1 months ago, you can do the same.
Wish you luck


It is guess dont take it as fact.

If you are increasing your gig impression by posting in the forum i am pretty sure you are hurting your self. As fiverr will keep the record what happened when they showed your gig to user, did use click on it read how much time they spend did they place any order.

So i am pretty sure you are hurting your self by posting it in the forum not 100% sure though.
How many buyer request you have sent so far??


hmmmm ok bro thanku sooo muchhh…:blush::blush::blush:


Good encouragement for everyone here!