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I am not getting order


Hello friends,

I am not getting orders from 1 month.I am very upset. Please help me and take a review on my gig. :frowning: :(( :frowning:


I got my first order 1 month ago and after that i don’t even received a message…


Seanc99 i used the original Pic.Can i make 2 ,3 gigs of this type of work?

Please Guide me a little and when you got your first order also share your experience a little.



I’m going to make a list of things that can help you :slight_smile:

-Your Excel gig is great, but do not use a picture you find on the internet. You can only pictures you have the rights to.

-Gigs, like yours, are not very popular and it will take a while to get orders. I would find other things on fiverr you can do and make more gigs.

-Make sure you use all of the 5 keywords you can use on a gig, and also make sure they will attract others.

-Also try to spread this through social media/ other advertising places.

-Always add a video to your gig! They increase sales! (From my experience)

Good luck! :)>-


Well, you should try to contact the seller, and let them know that if they do not respond, you will be forced to cancel and post a negative review. If they still do not respond, cancel anyway and leave negative feedback. They deserve it.


Reply to @antonina3: I think you are mistaken, he HAS a gig that is not getting any sells, he didn’t order anything.