I am not getting order


I am not getting order since last 10 days. Not sure what is happening in Fiverr.
I have good response and rating. Can anybody help on this?


Slowest time of the year. Just keep your head up high.


Few 10 days ago I was getting some query. I think fiverr is not for programming related task. Fiverr system is very bad. Top rated sellers are coming first all the time. I think new seller should be encouraged so that they can get some motivation.


If I offer all the gigs for free then buyer will not see my gigs at all :slight_smile:


‘‘This may be the slowest time of the year’’ for some, but it also the complete opposite for many :D, hang in there, ‘tides are turning’…


It’s not a fiverr problem
It’s not your problem
It is the nature of every movement
Be patient