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I am not getting orders anymore!


I work on fiverr. First I used to get orders,messages nut recently I am not getting orders or any messages.Why? can anybody tell me the reason.
My gig link is
I Will Do Vector Vector Tracing

Thanks in Advance


fiverr is over crowded now and one with lower level or a beginner wont receive messages or order until he gets updated to level 1 or level 2 .


First I used to get orders! Is there anything wrong in my gig?


I was wondering this myself so been looking around at review websites, not good to see and hope people are not being put off. Also noticed a lot of high profile sellers on Fiverr are also selling on other sites, I thought we were supposed to be exclusive? Anyway definitely noticing a difference the last few weeks.


To get sell fast
you have to advertise your gig
create your audience


Perhaps there’s something wrong with your marketing. :wink:


May be something with your review rate! Now your rating is 4.5 which might causing your gig lower rank.


To make good sales, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Sir my gig is in the first page! Search for vector Tracing


what does it means ?