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I am not getting orders but my gig show in first page

I am level on seller. My recent gig is show on page first but i did not getting orders. Any one can help please.

This might help you…

How may we get orders, my gig is on firts page but did not get orders?

Which gig do you want help with?
The gig that says “I will promote your kickstarter crowdfunding or indiegogo campaign” says “Millions of active usre” in the gig image.
The “Youtube Promotion” gig says “2017 Ultimate Promotion”.
Maybe use the buyer requests section to increase orders.

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First of all Best wishes for you and my suggestion is that do something different and unique. And your gig image plays the most important role in this.


Adnan Arshad

The placement of the gig for each user differs, it’s never fixed. You may see your gig on first page but someone else doesn’t.

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Hi @wajahatvju My gig not found First page But I am getting order well. it no problem. Sometimes it’s not work properly
Happy Freelancing :slight_smile:

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some times you need to be patient and orders will come one day

I waited for one month to get my first order which is not so competitive. It could be that your gig is not competitive but what about the demand? Remember demand > supply.

All the best. :sunny: