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I am not getting orders from a month

I got an order a month ago but after that not getting orders yet.


Welcome to the fiverr forum. Please, don’t upset. Same positions . But i am not upset . Good wishes to you. :blush:

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thanks a lot. Same wishes to you.

don’t worry bro. my last order 4 months ago :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: . Wait for the bad time pass :blush: :blush: :blush:.stay on Fiverr. I think you will be shine.

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Hi! :smile: I would recommend changing either your thumbnail, description, pricing, or title. Although Fiverr’s analytics are currently down, you can conduct your own testing in the meantime to see if you start getting orders again!

In either case, best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot. I have to wait for good time.

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yeah sure, I will change my thumbnail, description etc.

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good luck bro. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Try to apply in buyer request. It helps a lot to get orders if you are new or not having any order.

I am begginer here.not getting orders yet but I hope it will happy