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I am not getting orders from one month. please check my id and tell me what should i do




i have seen you profile your recent delivery one hour ago.


Maybe you missed some things. Did you promote your Gigs on social media recently? Doing so increases your chances of getting messages and orders. Secondly, did you approach buyers on buyers request platform? You stand to get orders if you meet buyers requirements and gain their confidence to try your gig(s). Thirdly, your #Fiverr Gigs are like #Etsy, #Shopify, and #Amazon stores ~ you need to promote them and run SEO monthly. This way, your traffic will be regular and stable. If you do these 3 things right, you will get orders every week or every 48 hours. I hope this will help? Cheers. ~ VL


After on month …only one delivery:-( which is not completed yet:-)


Thank you very much…


Hey! What did you mean by Run SEO?


Work on your gig first and get a white board video. Video is an important factor and fiverr gives priority to gigs which have video on it.


You may not think so but you have made a great start. Think you just need to be patient. Just a small point but to post in capitals comes across as if you are “shouting” so best avoided for the future. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes i am going through the buyers request daily:-)


Run SEO means , Optimize your Gigs according to search engine Monthly. which means you have to update your Gigs with more Catchy or Professional words…


Thank you! I’ll surely add that.


Does that mean every month keywords change? How to modify my gig with respect to that?


yeah why not.
SEO is an Amazing thing to survive on Internet.


You can do so but i does not really means that,
you can just update some text related to your Gig just to ensure the search engine that your gig is Updated then it will be more reachable.


Oh! I see.
So, I just have to type the keywords of my gigs in the search bar?


no u don’t need that let system decide how it can arrange :smiley: by the way Upcoming Update may change the Algorithm to make it more efficient.


Change the Algorithm? I don’t understand such stuff. :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry I think you are new in this business I am new too but I have an experience in SEO .
Just do research and you will be the Geek…:slight_smile:


I think you need sent offer in buyer request menu routinely and keep praying :wink:


:grin: Sure! Thank you for all the answers !