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I am not getting orders or messages from client what is wrong with my gigs


Hello, I am new at fiverr, I am not getting new orders i got a review but my that gig was removed due to a copyrighted image. I did efforts but not getting results. tell me what am I doing wrong?


Since you only have 1 review and you’re competing against hundreds of others offering the same type of gigs, you need to think of a way to stand out among the rest. ie. perhaps a better thumbnail design for starters and in the description of the gig, what can you offer that no one else is offering?

These are just some ideas.


Thanks bro for your suggestion


Well, for one, you stole someone else’s imagery, and tried to convince your buyer that it was your own work. That is theft, and Fiverr was right to take action and remove your illegal gig. In the future, don’t steal other people’s work/images. Use your own work.


It’s the holidays…Slow…I need more orders lol