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I am not getting orders regularly even got five stars rating on my work

Hello to every one,
I am using this first time. Hope get the full guidance.
After that I want to ask that my gig is not getting orders. In the start it got two orders after that no orders.
What I would do?
If anybody knows kindly let me know.
Here is my gig link:

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Assume you have decent gigs, then I’d say the key is VISIBILITY and you’re in a pretty much crowded “sector” (logo designing).

I’m still not an expert but the logic says:

  1. niching down
  2. using modifier keywords in your title like elegant, unique, within 24hrs, but you may find better than those

If you don’t have decent gigs, then your first goal is:
making an EYE-CATCHING portfolio

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  1. List item

Change your packages price. Do them relevant. Your basic and standard prices have very low rates while premium package get huge suddenly.
Change offer for revisions to limited it shows your worth.
Use keywords most tending and fiverr permit you to use 5 numbers of keyword while you used only 4.

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Thank you. This will help me alot. Hope