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I am not getting orders since 1 month

I am Graphics Designer with 2 years of experience. I have completed 27 orders with 19 reviews but since last month i am not getting orders i have done my all efforts but get no positive result. I have created 7 gigs and My best seller gig is getting down day by day
I daily sent 10 buyer request , i also do promotion of my gigs, i also update my gigs when i did not get orders.
Please check out for more details:


You should all time active online and Fiverr forum.


Since january 2020 :wink:

Maybe it’s just a slow/down period. Definitely try to keep your head up, continue promoting like crazy, and edit as necessary. It’ll go back up for sure!


start being online more time :slight_smile: re fresh you all gigs…with new SEO and description give more time to buyer’s request and enjoy fresh start :slight_smile:

I am active all time :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


thanks alot for respond i am active all the time, i daily send 10 buyer requests
i update my all gigs after 10 to 15 days… but there is no positive response

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i also promote my gigs on social media platforms

does your gigs gets view and impressions ? did you check that?

yes my gigs have impressions,clicks,views

you may get the order soon then :slight_smile: this recently happened to me too…my gigs are up to date and everything seems fine but I stop getting inquiries and order…still low though but at least started back :slight_smile:

i hope so because i have done lots of efforts

This time is critical time because of coronavirus. Continue your marketing.

yes but many peoples get orders daily

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I think need gig marketing and active all the time.

Share on many forum and your local buyer to work with you via fiverr. When you get order your gig wil boostup.

I am already doing gig marketing

how?? please tell me

i agree with you. hopefully everything will be fine soon

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Hmm… i hope so that everything will be fine soon.

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