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I am not getting orders what to do?


Can anybody check my gigs and tell me what to change so that I can get orders.


You already have some orders, but you are beginning. Just be patient. Actually, your gigs are pretty good! What the heck?! Your best seller has 150 favorites!!! Hahahahaha. Do not worry my friend the buyers eventually are going to come :+1:


Thanks …


@fireartistic your best seller has 150 favorites with only 4 reviews? Hmmmm


yeah many inquires on that gig and people told me that they are making my gig fav for future reference


How many times have you made a post like this? I feel like I am having deja vu. Please check in Fiverr tips or check your gig description and make sure there are no typos or errors. :slight_smile:

Goodluck! :four_leaf_clover:


I think you need to add something more in gig description. It’s true cutomer always like and read the short description but there should be some unique lines some attractive words so the customer can feel you are the one who can do his/her work. I suggest you work hard on your gig description and i am sure you will get more orders.


False. I rarely order from sellers with short descriptions - especially translators and writers to include proofreaders. I want details so I know if the seller is offering what I need.


How do you know This? Is it somewhere on his gig page?


Yes, up in the right corner :slight_smile:


You’re correct. This is what i suggested that add something more in your gig description. More detail so that customer can feel this seller is best for the job.