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I am not getting orders while I have 5star reviews

Kindly help me to improve my gig.

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Same thing
Only buyer request helps sometimes
I guess need to 100+ reviews for start getting orders, maybe

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Not really… I’ve seen other sellers who posted on the forum that they stopped getting orders even though they had 100+ orders. Oh, yeah, and did you know that even sellers with 1K or 5K reviews stop getting orders at times? :wink: it’s called sales slump.

@waqas_ali22 reviews don’t guarantee orders - you will have to do something to get orders yourself, because Fiverr also doesn’t guarantees orders :wink:

Want to know how to get sales? » Read the UpYour posts « written by one of the Forum Moderators :slight_smile:

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But rewievs = your gig on top page, thats mean 24/7 full orders, right?
Just check any 1k seller gig rewievs, they go in 2+ hours difference, so thats mean 1k sellers always have orders (and many in quene)

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Will you please tell me that my description is good?

on buyer request a lot of competition…

Good Post Sir i am also receiving enough view and impression but order are not receiving yet :frowning: