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I am Not getting orders :(


I am worried that while I am searching my gig and trying to find exact keywords, it’s showing nothing in search result, How can I fix this, is anyone here with the same issue ???

I improved my gig descriptions and DP of gig to get attraction but it seems that it’s not working well

please help me to fix this :), thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You could start by promoting your gig on your own – elsewhere online, offline, wherever your target customers are located. You really shouldn’t be relying on the search system to be your only source of customers. Fiverr does not guarantee sales just because you have a gig. Take action, and expand your promotional efforts. You have the ability to control the success and promotional reach of your freelance services. Fiverr is not going to do that for you.


Hi Jonbass :slight_smile:

Thank you for having look at my topic and giving helpful reply to me :), I will do that for sure :),
this will help me and many sellers to grow up by advertising gigs :slight_smile:

thanks again for replying


I have just joined a few hours ago. Actually I am also unaware of how to improve the gig. :frowning:


Hi @abhijithpreman :slight_smile:

make your gig unique and attractive, offer some bonus in beginning and provide cheap service to get attracted by buyers, also do daily buyer request, that way you will get new orders…

and you have to be patience coz you are new here,

hope you will go extra mile with fiverr :slight_smile:


my gigs have very low price and good portfolio so please tell me i have no order from buyers and how much time when i will receive orders from any buyer why it is taking to delay.

Please resolve this as soon as possible


Hi my Honorable qm_graphics,
As we’re colleagues, This is my responsibility to give you suggestion. :slight_smile: Here’s a great tip for you.
Create a Unique Gig, then you will no need to promote it anywhere on Social site because then FIVERR will be the unique source to give you customers. I don’t have any unique Ideas but just in case You may create a gig having name "I’ll pray for you :grin: ". Hope you got the meaning what I am trying to tell you.


my gigs have very low price so please tell me i have no order from buyers and how much time when i will receive orders from any buyer why it is taking to delay.
Kindly guide me


Hi My dear @shahzadrehman :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions, and your tip is awesome you know :slight_smile:

Really you have a unique and demand able idea, and you are right, I have to create a gig having name “I will pray for you” and I wish to send you custom offer of that gig to pray for you :grin:

please buy premium package so I can pray for you professionally :stuck_out_tongue: and deliver to you soon

Hope you are doing well my bro.

Keep it up and never give up, also invest your time in work, hope you will understand my bro.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


I started getting 2-3 orders a day at 3-4 thousand impressions, play around with your gig description every week or so until you find yourself in the first 1-3 pages of search. (after you change anything in your gig it takes time for the search to show it)


34-k impressions every 30 days? 7 days? 3 months? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re an expert in marketing and social media, why aren’t you using your knowledge and experience to market and promote your gigs? :wink:


yes you are right @jonbaas , it will be good for @apurbojamananis to market his gigs itself,

@apurbojamananis you will get great success if you do this :slight_smile:



Thank you for your information
I try to promote my gigs but same result


If you are truly serious about improving via promotion, you will never be getting the “same result”. Success is an upward trajectory. You’re either improving, or you’re staying the same.


Three to four thousand not 34. (Per month)


of course! I meant 3-4k just wondering about the time now I see it is per month… ty


1.need time.
your should try to promote by yourself and need a long time
2. your skill level
you can try to improve your skill level all the time,and when you get an order,try to send the best quality production
3. honest
when you get an order,try to communicate with your client.if you are sure you can do that,continue;if you cannot ensure that,tell your client honestly;don’t waste your client’s time and money too much.


LOLZ :grin::grin::grinning:
No thanks, You’re always welcome. :blush:


I am not getting order from 10 days and i want that someone check my gigs. If some changes are require then please tell me. I am worry for my work. Thanks