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I am not getting projects ,

hello experts
I am confused why i cant get my 1st order… i am daily use my 10 offers , now my total buyer request is 425 but i dont get any order…
still waiting My friend suggest me to asked fiverr forum …
any body guide me help me about my this condition i am really worried … :frowning: :sleepy: :sneezing_face:


Wait .You will get order soon


Waiting never get anyone an order, let alone “soon.”

Don’t make claims that aren’t true. That helps no one.

@humayun_saleem this question and scenario has been posted hundreds of times in the forum. You’ll find insights if you look. Please research the forum before asking questions.


appreciate your suggestion but mytotal buye request is 425 now how much i ma waiting

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what you mean…>

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be patient my friend and work on your gig’s ranking
keep experimenting with the seo title if its not ranking also you can employee some some tips to help you generate a better ranking title

about the requests, how you request matters the most try to find patterns in your proposals and rectify the shortcomings.

You will definitely do great


thanks alot buddy …

pleasure is all mine, go rock it and never give up


thanks alot buddy … :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I explicitly stated what I mean.


Success doesn’t come who wait for it :blush: You have to take action, if your action doesn’t get results then you’ll have to change your strategies and test different strategies to bring results. :grinning:

If you’re not getting any order, then follow few strategies. :relaxed:
Just research other gigs which is performing your well and try to improve your gig
Do Proper SEO for each gig and try to make 6-7 gigs.
Then do marketing continuously.
Keep active on your targeted client’s timezone.
Hope it will work for you. :blush:

Keep Patient, keep working on your goal.
I believe beside skill luck is important to get order. :relaxed:

For more information you could check it out. :-1:

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