I am not getting promoted to level 1 i have completed more than 15 orders


can you visit my fiverr profile http://fiverr.com/anujwin2 and tell me what i should do to reach level 1


You need to have good reviews, completed ten orders and be on fiverr for thirty days to get to level one.

You will get there soon!!


I hope I will get there soon as well! :slight_smile:


Your overall rating of 86% is probably not helping you much.


Reply to @rossonomous: yes i also think that must be the problem i am trying to increase my rating

i have deleted the gig with 0% rating will it help me


thanks everyone now i am at level 1




you will need to have a 100% rating and also your acc must have been up to a month old before you can be promoted, if you satisfy all this then contact support