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I am not getting sales as a wordpress developer for 1 year what can i do?

I am a wordpress developer i am not getting any sales for last one year.Please some one help me to get out of this problem.

You can help yourself by learning how to market and promote your services to the target customers that need what you have to offer. You need to connect with your potential customers. Sitting back and expecting them to somehow find you and hire you is a terrible business strategy.

You get results based upon the work you put into reaching your business goals. The fact that you have had no sales in a year, suggests that you have no business goals, you’ve been sitting back waiting for things to happen, and you have done nothing to build your business.

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust.” You are going to have to take action if you want to earn success.

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Then you are going to have to figure out some creative and effective ways to earn that work. Neither I, nor anyone else is going to do your work for you.

would you please check out my gigs is the price is alright?

Your prices should reflect what your services are worth, and what your customers are willing to pay. Are your prices reflective of your value and market interest?

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Some people selling gigs for $5 which is too low for creating a website.Then should i also start from $5 only.This is destroying the marketplace.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling for $5 or $500. Your sample site is not even complete. I mean it has dummy content. Do you even show your potential buyers that site as a sample? Maybe you can work on that first and let your buyers see great samples of sites that have created in the past.

Lets’ hope not as it would be against the ToS. :wink:

@aaasr24145 - the list of allowed URLs for descriptions etc. is at the bottom of this page:

Added - happy birthday BTW!

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