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I am not getting sales from this gig anymore


this is very sad news. My gig is down , and I am not getting sales anymore.

Here is the link of my GIG


Having really hard time

best regards


As i can see you have already made many sales. Dont worry there are times in Fiverr (i have been there too) that your traffic is low. I really dont know how searching engine works here in Fiverr (i guess many people dont know this also), but i would recommend to be online often and share your gig links in your social media more. I think you will get more orders soon. We all have been there so dont worry

Maria S.


Thank you so much for your appreciation . I love your suggestions. I am trying my best , but its really been long time, that I am not getting sales from this gig .
Yes, I am selling only 5 or 10 usd sometimes, but its not called selling .
Only Fiverr and God knows, when I will see my good time again

Much appreciated your suggestions :white_check_mark:


When you are not getting orders, I think you must low down the cost of the gig, also share it on social media [One last thing, when you are in this tough situation, You must have single Basic Package/ Switch off 3 Packages]


Dont worry I hope you will get secces fast in your career career.


Thank you so much for your suggestions . I already lower price. price is now very lowest . And 3 packages is important for this gig .


Thank you so much for your praying :tada:


Wellcom @dijatul:slightly_smiling_face: