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I am not getting the autobiographer badge


Hi Everyone!

I was reviewing the badges section on the fiverr forum and the only badge I didn’t receive under the Getting Started section is the Autobiographer. I filled out the profile section and confirmed a few times, but still no badge :(. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!


Dear Michael:

Last I heard the Autobiographer Badge was not active.

As far as I know, no one has it.

Discourse has lots of features but they aren’t all active.

At some point they may activate that badge or just remove it.

Good luck,


Thanks for the reply!


Dear Michael:

You are welcome for the reply!

Thanks for thanking me for the reply!

Good luck,


Thanks, @blaisefaint for thanking @michael78781 for the reply that Michael thanked you for replying to. :grin:


Dear Capital:

You are so welcome!

And thank you for thanking me for thanking Michael for so graciously thanking me for replying to his post in this thread.

And to anyone who might read this post, thank you!


P.S. And also, you’re welcome (if that applies for any reason).

P.P.S. Thanks!