I am not getting the order as I want


Hello there, I know I am doing the mistake somewhere but unable to find out. Why don’t I get the order even though I work hard to bring the order but don’t know why am I not getting the order regularly?

I gave the tag in my description and also gave a catchy title. Can you please suggest me what I should change so that I can get the order regularly? This time, I need your help please,
Warm regards
Sagar Shaw


What are you doing to market and promote your gig? Are you promoting your gig to your target audience? YOU need to do the work to bring in new customers. Sitting back and expecting Fiverr to bring you all of your sales is not a good business strategy.


Hi jonbaas… Greeting. I’m vk, new here… Intended to be a life coach seller on fiverr. Read your commend about sharing the gig on forum. But i couldn’t find the categories where troubled people hang out. Could you enlighten me, please? I appreciate it. :-p

Here’s what i have written:
“I’m a certified Life Coach. You wouldn’t lose much with 5 bucks which could probably transform your life. Drop in your request(s) and I shall overcome your crisis with you.”



I didn’t say anything about sharing on the forum. I am referring to taking the time and marketing and promoting your gig elsewhere on the internet (or offline if applicable). Figure out who your target customers are, determine where they are located, and go promote to them.

For the record, it is against the rules to promote your gigs on the Fiverr forums, except in the “My Fiver Gigs” forum/category. Promotion in any other forum category will either be deleted, or moved.


o ok. Well received. thank you. :slight_smile:


The article is healfull


I appreciate your thought. Sir, I tried to find new customers but where will I get? I am saying that I will not work hard yes I am ready to do that but just need proper guidance. I always go through your comment and your topic which you give on the forum. Please help me out. I do always promote my gig on Facebook Fiverr group, LinkedIn LinkedIn but I don’t find useful that is why Sir I asked a question on Fiverr.I think, there is a problem on my Fiverr’s Gig and my profile too but I am unable to find out. If you help me out in this regard then I would be grateful


Only YOU know who your target customers are, and YOU are the person who will have to do the research to figure out where you can find those target customers. It is not our responsibility to market your gigs for you. If you’re serious about your business/gigs, then you will make the effort to market your services to your target customers.


Thanks sir got it :slight_smile:


Your recent delivery was 9 hours ago. Think you just need to take the suggestions by @jonbaas on board and be patient. Good luck! :slight_smile:


thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome articles and suggestions


right… I don’t know where to find them, those troublesome, no, uhh, i mean, troubled somes… shall find out soon… thanks :slight_smile:


Honestly, I have no idea what this means. I don’t understand your quoted comment.


i’m also new in Fiverr. I’m also not getting any order in Fiverr. What can i do? Can Anybody help me? Please see my Gig and Tell me where is my problem.