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I am not in fiverr search


Hi all,
Today i search my self on fiverr main page with my user name “coveragepk"
no result.
then i clicked
” Search user Containing: coveragepk
No result.
its mean i am not in user list.
what you ask?



You are newcomer to fiverr. you should apply to buyer request daily and try to get sales. and do marketing outside of fiverr. after you get the rating from the customers your profile will be in list soon.


You may have missed this, not sure how you could have, but here it is again:


@offlinehelpers : I am not searching My Gigs. I am searching myself (user).
User is save in Fiverr database. We can promote Gigs with keywords etc… but user name is not product (Gig).


I’m sorry - I may have understood what you meant.

Maybe have a word with CS?


Send buyer request everyday

Post your gig in social media

Offer unique gigs with your own content