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I am not looking good


Hello, i would like to ask you one question. :slight_smile:
Is it important to look friendlly on profile picture?
I mean, buyers look at person they buy From, i love to talk with people :heart: but i dont think i look like one of these guys… :smile: :frowning:
I think i will need to get some Cartoon Avatar
So, can good Avatar really lead to more customers? :smiley:
Thanks for all replyes. :heart:


I think, look professional and credible are more important than being friendly, but still, revealing a friendly impression is also important.

I only recommend to use a Cartoon Avatar if you are an illustrator, and make sure that the Avatar is your creation and have a great impression to attract your customers.

I haven’t been here for long, those are just my rational opinions btw. Hope it’ll help you.


I like your picture, like your clear background and the angle of your face. I think it’s very European, very film noir, very artistic.

I hate pictures with busy backgrounds. Of course, if you want to try a picture of you smiling, you can do that. Or a picture in front of a beautiful sight, like a bridge, a river, etc.

I don’t think you need a cartoon avatar, that’s not professional in my opinion, and it’s overdone.

Avatars are fine for online multiplayer games where anonymity is a must. Even though we’re somewhat anonymous on Fiverr, we’re also real people with real experiences. So while Fiverr isn’t a boring corporate office, it’s not a playroom, it’s somewhere in between.


think about “trustworthy” when you decide on a photo - i believe when looking at a photo, buyers are looking for a face they feel they can trust - for me, that is the first impression and most important. the quality, gig descr, etc come after that first impression photo.


Also, remember Buyers are looking first at the gig image you have up in the search bar. I’d recommend viewing the website as a buyer then “searching” for your gig as a buyer. Compare it to the other results generated and see if you need to pop the color, or some other element to stand out. Sometimes it can be as simple as that!

I think your profile pic is great as long as it represents you! No need to smile unless you think you look better that way:relaxed:


I did a search for people selling similar gigs to mine and then looked at the profile pictures of those that were getting lots of sales and tried to make mine similar. It isn’t perhaps how I would have chosen it, but it does fit the others in my industry in here. Not sure if that’s helpful to you - good luck with your gigs!