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I am not receiving any orders anymore

Hey there ,

It is an awesome place, I just want some one to look my profile and suggest / guide me some tips to get visitors and orders. I have been on fiverr for long time but i am not making much out of it. Any help will be highly appreciated.




Hello if you want your gigs to rank high on Fiverr, here are some tips to help you achieve that.

  1. Carryout proper on page SEO. Add keywords to tags.
  2. Increase your gig impressions.
  3. Make your first sale as quickly as possible.
  4. Stay online always.
  5. Ensure a good conversion rate.
  6. Get loyal customers.
  7. Get promoted to a higher level ASAP.

Thank you.


You need to work on gigs. especially on Gig Image.

On your >> I Will Be Your Frontend Developer gig, you have added dashboard image, it would be much better if you put some website design (done by you)

For all gig, best is if you can add some more screenshot of your work sample. work on Main gig image, better put some words on the main gig image that describe your service.

I recommend to take down you Coffie gig, here you can provide some more specific frontend services.


Thanks , I find it helpfull

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