I am not receiving enough buyer requests


I am a new seller, problem with me that i am not receiving enough buyer requests, usually received 0 - 4 request daily. so i am unable to bid.

Any one may guide me how these request increase?


Advertise your gigs on social media like facebook , google+ etc and also check buyer request every time. and online all time. you have to work hard to complete 10 orders. after completing 10 orders you will get level one. then you will get a lot of buyer requests and you can send 10 buyer request daily.


The post is not Tips for Sellers this section is where YOU post tips for other sellers. If you want suggestions or advice concerning your gigs Improve my Gig is the best choice.


dude, we have none/cero/death Buyer request, and we are not crying for dat… xD just repost on your social networks and waith…


Just to recap: your problem is that there aren’t enough buyer requests in your category in the BR section.

You only see requests of buyers that are related to one or more of your gigs. If there are no requests this means that there is no demand. Nobody is placing a request where you the can apply for. There is nothing you can do about this.
You can’t make people go to the BR section and create requests.

Just have a look later or once a day if you are keen on using BR.

No buyers requests found