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I am not receiving orders

i am not receiving orders, please help me if there is any issue in my profile/gigs. And please guide me how to deal with the customer. should i use formal words like Good morning/noon, welcome, thank you, nice to see you???

@ejazhushmat Just be yourself.Try to get traffic to your profile.Update your gigs every day/ Add/remove gigs and see what will pick the interest.Also try to do a little research here on the forum about increasing sales.There are plentyy of discussions.Have a lovely day!

marketing you gig on social sites

If you have been here at least 2 weeks, he will buy your gig:

Explain more about your gig… don’t stop explaining until you hit the limit… the customer can never have too much information. Offer your gigs with double the value of the competition, update graphics and make everything look spectacular. :slight_smile: And always be suuuper friendly! As easy as that :slight_smile:

Good luck my friend!