I am not recieving orders and messages in past five days



I seller webengineer postive 100% rated want to know why i am not receiving messages and order past five days as before fiver days i were received orders and messages daily 4 to 8 messages what it happened can anyone let me know. I am level one seller 80% of level two seller.

My gig impressions are up and views and clicks went down. Is any holidays in US UK Australia.

Anyone here for recommendations who can help me.

Looking forward to your valuable comments




My business has plummeted in last week…not sure why but glad I’m not alone here :slight_smile:


Yep I didn’t get many orders as I used to get unfortunately!


Same here, haven’t received a single order this week, i read somewhere there’s an issue with tags…It’s kinda alarming


Huge drop on sales…


dont give up… after one negative review destroy my high ranked gigs also… try to promote your gigs again …


same situation with me from almost last 25 days :frowning:


I’m not sure what are you all expecting :slight_smile: Customers served on a silver platter.

There is too much competition and if you get order > process it fast > get 5 stars, you will get boosted.

Other than that, for cold times like these:

  1. Promote your gigs outside.
  2. Make sure you maintain cooperation with existing customers, they`ll keep you warm when there are no orders.

    Wake up!


Bless your heart Webengineer ~ I have noticed a strange plummet as well ~ it’s starting to become a concern, I’ve tried sharing/promoting my gig, changing up the keywords/tags and text… I can see my gig in the searches and also am a level 2 seller with 5 star ratings. Even when there have been holidays, I’ve not seen a lull like this one. I have no solution to offer you, only to let you know that you are not alone and I too am staring at my screen in wonder. All the best to you, I do hope an upswing happens for us soon. ~ Anne x


Same situation with me.Level one seller 100% postive Ratings.No more orders since past One week.Surely fiverr has changed something!


i posted a job that needs doing and it just disappeared! cannot find anything on this site. is this site really real?


And I thought I’m the only one who is facing this problem :open_mouth: Its been more than 4-5 days I haven’t received any order. I think they are on vacation.


Same situation with me !


same here


same here and still no solution to resolve this :frowning:


same here. Haven’t received any orders for the past week or more…any suggestions on how we can boost our gig page here on fiverr?


same here… :frowning:


I’m receiving orders and messages, just not as much as in previous months. But no complaints! :wink:


I am on the same boat as well, i used to have consistence order(s) everyday but somehow in the past two days it was really quite…


Thanks you all for valuable response. I was feeling sick because of that there in last two week all my client were spammers and ordered the basic gigs nad work is too hard and they cancelled this was buyers fault they ordered without my permission.