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I am Not Seeing any Buyer Request

Hello everyone, I am not seeing any Active buyer request on my profile, Its Showes Empty. Why Its Happened?

Share your gigs on social media daily multiple times. Hope you will get buyer request .

Best Of Luck

There is information that may help you here: :slightly_smiling_face:


How will that help a seller see buyer requests please? If they’re not available to be seen, sharing gigs on social media won’t help, will it?

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I think you know that when a user will promote to new seller to level one then there are always too many buyers requests in that section(telling from my experience)…In my case when I was promoted I could see all time 4000+ buyer requests . . And yes the buyer requests are depend on the gigs and gigs categories . If a user share his/her gigs on social media and if they get clicks on these links then they will get buyer requests as their gigs categories …I have tested that several times… You can try this and tell me the result .:grinning:

Note:As I know the buyer request appears two times in a day …And you have to find out those two times.

True, however, most of them are more than a day old. :confused: In reality in my area there are usually ten or less new Buyer Requests.

I have seen requests that I have bid on, won and completed the order and the request is still there! :thinking:


You are right … For that I think the new sellers are getting benefit in this case .They get the fresh buyer requests … :grinning:

OP has no rating and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason he’s unable to see Buyer Requests.

You should look to the date of the requests. They do “finish” and won’t be available anymore if buyers have already chosen a seller’s offer.

That’s not how BR works. You will only be able to see BR if buyers request for jobs and only after Fiverr filter and check those requests.

Would be nice if you could share with all of us how you tested that before we try it. :wink:

As above, BR only gets displayed after Fiverr has checked the pile of requests buyers submit. So, no, it can appear at any time of the day and several times daily - or none.


We all get fresh buyer requests. It is just that the new sellers only see the new ones. My new ones are at the top of my buyer request list. I erase any that are over a day or two old if I am not interested in them.

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May be the buyers do not delete those after getting completed the order for that we need to face that problem .But now I am getting fresh buyer requests because I am new seller.


hahaha, Vickie, you wrote faster than me :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not necessarily true. I have completed buyer request orders and they stay listed. :flushed:

Yes but I was not understanding which were completed and which were not completed .

I am a buyer and seller. As a buyer, I have never seen the option to delete my Buyer Request.

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Oh, sorry I couldn’t make myself understood. What I meant was that after buyers choose an offer, that request is not elegible anymore, not that it gets aout of sight.

Sorry for not having explained myself correctly :pensive:

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I know these . I just inform that person who has created that topic . And I really didn’t want to share those experience … But I thought I do not need the buyer requests now .Because I am working on search pages…For that told :grinning:

Are you sure ?
I have also bought some services . And I have seen that option …

What you wrote is wrong and misleading. Please don’t do that again as it doesn’t help anyone.

Which is misleading ?

Everything you wrote about buyer requests except for the part of leveled sellers being able to see much more BR and for longer time than new sellers.

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